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Welcome to Renewable Energy Philippines, Inc.
Renewable Energy Philippines (RE-PHIL) Incorporated is a new company that provides clean energy solutions. Founded by a group of vastly knowledgeable engineers and businessmen, RE-PHIL’s goal is to provide the future with clean renewable energy
We are a customer focused company based on flexibility, quality, value and expediency.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the people of the Philippines. We will accomplish this by supplying additional electrical energy to the country’s grid through the development of solar power, which is abundant in the Philippines. Not only is the sun an abundant natural resource to produce electrical power,  it provides clean energy which will decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This additional energy will lower the cost of electricity, which will help to develop the infrastructure in the country’s rural areas and, in turn, create more jobs to improve the local economies.